Who Else Wants to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, or

Eliminate an Unwanted Habit Permanently

With Hypnosis?


Imagine what your life would be like if you could….

…..Stop smoking easily and effortlessly
…..Free yourself from emotional eating
…..Create healthier habits
…..Maintain clarity, stay focused, and achieve your goals
…..Achieve a slimmer healthier you
…..Increase your confidence and self esteem
…..Genuinely enjoy things you now find difficult or painful
…..Maintain emotional balance in the midst of chaos
…..Rediscover your joy and passion in life… Achieve peace of mind

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The HeartSyncWellness Team has successfully helped clients with the following challenges:

Weight loss
Pain Management
Test Anxiety
Public Speaking
Fears and Phobias
Self-Confidence and Self Esteem
Relationship issues

Barbara Parker, R.N. District Manager, Independent Consultant,
Arbonne International from Amarillo, Tx called and here’s what she had to say…

“I must take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the
opportunity to experience your Smoking Cessation program. Not only am I
a non-smoker, I am a better person, one who is empowered to make choices
for a more successful life. My family is thrilled with my success and
celebrate with me daily. I find I have no desire to smoke and have not
experienced nicotine withdrawal. My sense of smell and taste have improved
and after eight weeks, I still have not experienced any
weight gain.”

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Love yourself enough… to stop trying to change… and finally achieve results today with hypnosis!


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