Hypnosis Boot Camp

Have you tried to stop an unwanted habit or behavior without success?

Are you stuck in the try to stop….fail…and feel bad about yourself cycle?

Let me ask you this….

Imagine what life would be like for you if you had someone who was willing to virtually hold your hand… help you stop what you’re doing … and help you live the life you want to live…

Imagine how easy it would be to stop doing what you’re doing if you had someone who has successfuly stopped… and was willing to support you 24/7 for the next 8 weeks… and help you:

Achieve permanent results…

Believe in yourself…

Feel better about yourself…

Have more energy and confidence…


If you are a smoker and want to stop smoking permanently join the….

“I Love Me Enough to Stop Smoking Bootcamp”


 If you are willing to work with someone who knows what it takes to eliminate an unwanted

behavior permanently…

If you will allow me to guide you into a hypnotic trance…and support you as you…

       ♥  Flip ON an internal switch that allows you to stop doing what you don’t want to be doing

 easily, effortlessly, and permanently.

        Easily reprogram your subconscious mind to eliminate or neutralize any old habits

that  sabotage your  long term success.

         Efficiently reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve permanent results.

       ♥  Easily and effortlessly reprogram your subconscious mind to create and claim the life you want to live!

Would you be open to achieve success… just one more time if you had someone ready, willing, and able to help achieve results?

Keep reading…..

With membership in one of the bootcamp you can effectively increase your long term success rate by more than 150%

The bootcamps we offer are so powerful because  they allow you to reprogram your subconscious mind and belief system AND provide you with support, effective tools, and self-hypnosis strategies to use after you achieve your goal to ensure your long term success.

I can hear you asking now…

Can I really be hypnotized?
Is hypnosis the best way to quit smoking?
Can I stop my unwanted behavior without pills?
Is it possible for me to really stop  when nothing else has worked?
How long does hypnosis take?
Will the effects last?
Will I have any negative effects?
How much does a bootcamp cost?
Will I get ongoing support?
Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work?

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Calm Down! I’m about to answer all those questions and let you know everything we offer and how you can purchase a membership to one of the bootcamps today! 

Here’s what you get when you join one of our  “I Love Me Enough Virtual Bootcamps!

  1. Access to 24/7 coaching support from a  Nurse Hypnotist for 8 weeks
  2. Access to four 40 minute Virtual Hypnosis Sessions with Me
  3. Access to Customized E-Tips Each Day from Me for 8 weeks
  4. Access to Customized Stay on the Path Coaching Videos Weekly for 8 weeks
  5. Email/Text  follow-along support daily from Me for 8 weeks

Here’s how our “I Love Me Enough to Be Virtual Bootcamps” work….


Every day for the next eight weeks you and I will work together virtually to eliminate your unwanted habit and create the life you want to live.  As a member of the Boot Camp, you’ll have 24/7 access to every hypnosis session and stay on the path video session in the membership area the instant you need support. You will also receive follow-along email and texting support daily.

Registration is open so you can begin any of the Bootcamps anytime you want.

Here’s how much the “I Love Me Enough Virtual Bootcamps cost….

Most personal coaches and trainers will charge you $75-$100 an hour for a bootcamp like this.

But I’m not like most of them.

For less than 3 cups of Starbucks coffee a week…I’ll hold your hand…and make sure you WILL NOT FAIL when you eliminate your unwanted behavior/habit this time.

That’s right…for only $79….I promise to hold your hand for eight weeks, provide the necessary support while you stop, and help you discover the secret to live the life yuo want to live. I guarantee this will be the time you succeed!

I’m committed to make sure you are successful.

Listen….when I became a hypnotherapist, I made it my mission to share my knowledge and experience with every one I met. I knew others were not hearing the truth about hypnosis and how it can help you achieve results and transform your life, your health, and your destiny forever.

You DO NOT have to continue an unwanted habit until you die. There’s a way for you to stop….I did it after 37 1/2 years and I know exactly how to help you make that happen for you!

Now take a deep breath….close your eyes…and repeat after me 3 times….

“I Love Me Enough to Be Self Confident”

“I Love Me Enough to Achieve the Results I Want”

“I Love Me Enough to Love Myself  Unconditionally”

I Love Me Enough to join the….. 

“I Love Me Enough to Stop Smoking Bootcamp”


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